To book a ticket, select any ticket in the ad view. When you have clicked on "Book Ticket", you must then complete the Swish payment by signing with Mobile BankID. Now the booking is completed. 

Should it be the case that your booking is denied or that the ticket is not transferred for any reason, we will refund you the full amount. 

För att kunna ta betalt behöver du registrera personnummer och andra eventuella uppgifter i enlighet med Tickitals anvisningar och göra en kontoanmälan för privatpersoner i Swedbanks kontoregister. Detta behöver du endast göra en gång via länken 

Payment is usually made 1-3 banking days after the buying / renting user has confirmed that the ticket has been transferred. 

Om du inte tar betalt via Tickital bryter du mot punkt 7.2 av Tickitals allmänna villkor, vilket kan leda till att vi stänger av dig från plattformen. Dessutom ingår inte Tickitals support om du väljer andra betalningsmetoder än vad Tickital erbjuder, som exempelvis kontanter. 

Payment is made with the help of Swish by booking a ticket and signing the transaction with Mobile BankID.  

If you receive an error message when you try to pay, it is usually because your card needs to be activated for internet purchases. It may also be because you have forgotten to transfer money to your account.

For more information about internet purchases, visit your bank's website:

  • Nordea: Read more

  • SEB: SEBs cards are not closed for internet purchases

  • Skandiabanken: Skandiabankens cards are not closed for internet purchases

  • Swedbank: Read more

  • Länsförsäkringar: Read more

  • Handelsbanken: Read more

  • Danske Bank: Read more

Above are the most commonly used banks in Sweden. If your bank is not mentioned above, please visit the website relevant for your bank.

It is free to advertise your ticket at Tripier, and you can create as many ads as you wish. The only thing that you reserve the right to, is that payments for rentals goes through Tripier.

If you successfully rent out a ticket, you keep 82% of the amount. The remaining 18% is Tripier's fee, which also includes Tripier's support.

Tripier do not charge any fees for those who rent a ticket.

Yes. You will receive a payment confirmation via e-mail when you rent and rent out.

You fill in your income from Tripier in the tax return. It is taxed as income from capital, which in most cases is 30% (regardless of income from salary).

More information can be found at the Swedish Tax Agency:


Skånetrafiken, Östgötatrafiken, Västtrafik, Hallandstrafiken och Kronobergs Länstrafik.

It is via Skånetrafiken’s, Östgötatrafiken’s and Västtrafik’s app not possible to lend out an already lent ticket, and also not allowed by Tripier.

For Skånetrafiken and Östgötatrafiken: We have a restriction which means that no new sales or purchases can take place for 1 hour between 11 PM-0:00 PM. This does not affect ongoing purchases or sales, for example tickets that have already been accepted before 11 PM.

Tripier has chosen to allow a minimum of 1 day (24 hours) for renting out tickets. Thereby it is not allowed via Tripiers app to rent out tickets with lesser than 1 day availability. 

If you want to rent out the rest of the period left on your ticket, you choose the option “remaining time” in Skånetrafikens app. This also means that your ticket will not be returned.

For Västtrafik: We have a restriction which means that no new sales and purchases can take place between 11 PM-4 AM. The ticket is automatically returned at 4 AM the following morning.

You can book one ticket at a time. This is to make sure that you can´t book several tickets at a time which would result in other people not having access to them.

You can lend out one ticket once a day, to a total of five different numbers during the ticket´s time of validity.

You can choose to cancel your booking, up until it has been accepted. An posted ad can be canceled, deleted or edited up to the time a booking is received. If you who rent out have chosen to accept the booking, you are obliged to transfer the ticket.

For Skånetrafiken and Östgötatrafiken: A ticket is automatically returned to the owner when the rental period is over. The one that rents the ticket can also return the ticket before the rental period is over, but by doing this will not affect the debited price.

For Västtrafik: A ticket is automatically returned 4 AM the same morning.

In order to rent tickets, a valid debit card is required, but in order to advertise tickets and receive payments via Tripier you must be at least 18 years of age.

After a total of 60 hours, the ticket is automatically confirmed, and the reservation is turned into a transaction and paid to the lessor. You will receive a reminder before this happens. 

In case of incorrectly received or transferred tickets, please contact our support with supporting evidence (for example screenshot of the ticket in the ticket issuer´s app).

You can announce that a ticket is available later. The ticket can however not be booked until the date has embarked.

At present, via Tripier you can only rent or rent out a ticket from the current day you make or receive a booking.


Please contact us via for questions regarding changes and deletion of accounts and bank details.

Tripier has language support for both English and Swedish. To change the language of the app, you must change the language settings of your mobile.

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