What is Personal Data?

When you use Tripier as a visitor, tenant / buyer or lessor / seller, personal information is transmitted. By "personal data" is meant any kind of information that can be directly or indirectly identified with a natural person.

Tripier is responsible for personal data for the information submitted via, and processed at, www.tripier.se as well as via the mobile applications distributed via Google Play and the App Store.

Below is a description of the guidelines that Tripier applies to personal data processing and more. Additional guidelines may apply in special cases. The guidelines also do not limit the rights that are legally or legally binding, also called GDPR.

General Provisions on Personal Data

The general rules for personal data processing apply to the entire Tripier.

The general rules means that Tripier always processes personal data in accordance with applicable personal data legislation, with respect for personal integrity, all personal data management rests on a legal basis.

Collection of Personal Data

When using Tripier's website or mobile app, only information that is used for statistical purposes is collected and the visitor remains anonymous. Such information is time for the visit, how long the visit lasted and which pages were visited. The user can also voluntarily submit his personal information to Tripier by registering an account.


Tripier only collects personal data for certain specific purposes. The general purpose is usually to provide a service that the person concerned has requested. Tripier does not process personal data for purposes incompatible with the original purpose. Further information on the purpose for which the personal data is used can be found in connection with the provision of the personal data, for example in connection with the establishment of an account the information is then in our general terms and conditions.


Tripier strives to process personal data with the consent of the person concerned. A given consent can always be revoked. If consent is revoked, Tripier will not process the personal data further nor update previously submitted information. In cases where consent is revoked, treatment is terminated immediately. However, it should be noted that despite revoked consent, some treatment may be necessary to enforce the law or agreement.

Transfer of Personal Data

Personal data may be transmitted to a partner, for example to carry out the information requested by the person concerned. List of partners is in general terms. In the event that we transfer your information to another company that processes your personal data on our assignment as a personal data assistant, we have on-site assistance agreements with strict instructions on the processing of personal data, confidentiality and security.


Tripier takes technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data being processed so that the data is not lost, destroyed, manipulated or made available to unauthorized persons. The measures aim to achieve a level of security that is sufficiently high in view of the technical possibilities available.

Right to get Information and Correction

Everyone has the right, upon request, to find out to what extent information about their own person is processed by Tripier. If such personal data is available from Tripier, the person concerned may, after requesting information about which personal data is processed, from which they have been collected, for which or what purpose the processing is carried out and to whom or what the information is disclosed. Request for information regarding personal data processing is sent to info@tripier.se

Everyone has the right to request rectification, blocking or deletion of their own personal data which is inaccurate or processed in violation of applicable law. Tripier is then obliged to take such measures.

Changes of Personal Data Management

If there are changes in how Tripier handles personal data, it will be announced on this page. Procedures for treatment may, for example, be changed if the legislation is changed.


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